Virtru SDK for C++  2.8.0
Virtru C++ SDK library - Create, Read, and Manage TDF3 Files
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Virtru SDK for C++

The Virtru SDK allows developers to securely and easily encrypt and manage authenticated access to sensitve data. This comprehensive documentation serves as the source of truth for the functionality and usage of the Virtru C++ SDK.

  • For information on Virtru SDKs for other languages, visit here
  • Download and getting started information for the C++ SDK is here

Core Concepts

  • TDF Ciphertext - Ciphertext encrypted using the open TDF specification. Each /i TDF /i Ciphertext is encrypted with a unique data key and managed with independent access controls. See the Developer Hub and TDF whitepaper for more information.
  • Virtru Policy - A policy specifying access controls that will be enforced on encrypted data, such as expiry and authorized users.
  • User - An entity authenticated with Virtru. SDK users can allow other users access to encrypted data. For instance, can authorize to access some encrypted data at either encryption-time or any time afterwards.

Getting Help

There are many ways to get our attention.

  • You can join Virtru's Developer Hub Community Slack channel to get your questions answered.
  • You can open a support ticket here